The Macklowe Collection

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4 min readNov 5, 2021

Willem de Kooning Untitled XXXIII from 1977 (estimate $12–18 million)

Enchantment best describes Sotheby’s upcoming New York Marquee Evening Sale starring The Macklowe Collection. Kicking off the stellar Fall art season, the first sale presents 35 lots to auction on the 15th of November in Manhattan. The second sale will happen in May 2022. Much anticipated by art collectors and enthusiasts, The Macklowe Collection is the most significant collection of Modern & Contemporary Art ever to appear on the market.

Gerhard Richter, Seestück, 1975. Estimate $25–35 million

Just image collecting and living with art treasures as Harry and Linda Macklowe during their marriage. Their visionary conoisseurship challlenged them to acquire the masterpieces from the 21st and 20th century.

Franz Kline, Crosstown, 1955. Estimate $12–18 million

The auction highlights Alberto Giacometti’s Le Nez, the magnificent sherbet-hued Mark Rothko’s №7 and Jackson Pollock’s intense, calligraphic Number 17.

Mark Rothko, №7, 1951. Estimate on request

This first exhibition and sale reveals the enormous scope of The Macklowe Collection with the Hollywood glamour of Andy Warhol’s Nine Marilyns to Picasso’s celebration of his friend Guillaume Apollinaire (Projet pour un monument à Guillaume Apollinaire).

Brice Marden, 11 (to Léger), 1977–8. Estimate $15 –20 million

Some works were acquired by the couple before the artists in question had become fully appreciated by the market or soon after their creation. Among them the existential angst of Jeff KoonsAqualung, Agnes Martin’s Untitled #44 and Brice Marden’s 11 (to Léger) were purchased in the same year they were executed.

Jackson Pollock, Number 17, 1951. Estimate $25–35 million

The billionaire real estate developer Harry Macklowe of Macklowe Properties and his wife Linda, businesswoman and Guggenheim Museum board member and Met Museum Trustee ended their 60 year marriage. The New York couple’s acrimonious divorce made headlines with enough drama for a season of HBO’s Succession. The two Manhattan apartments one valued at 72 Million, Hamptons estate, cars and a 150 foot yacht were easily divided martial property. However the piece de resistance, the 65 piece art collection acquired over the course of their marriage was a tempest.

Andy Warhol, Nine Marilyns, 1962. Estimate: $40–60 million

New York Judge Laura Drager ordered the couple to sell the estimated $700 Million art trove of some of the biggest names in modern and contemporary art and split the proceeds between them. The world’s best auction houses competed in bids to acquire the historic art collection sale.

Sigmar Polke, Rasterbild mit Palmen, 1966. Estimate: $8–12 million

Starting today, Sotheby’s unveils the full scope of the sale of works never before has there been an opportunity to see so much of the collection in one place at one time.

Alberto Giacometti, Le Nez. Estimate on request

Feast your eyes on the full selection of works from The Macklowe Collection to be offered exhibited together in Sotheby’s New York galleries, on view to the public from November 5th to 15th in Manhattan.

All images courtesy of Sotheby’s



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