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Yvonna Russell
3 min readNov 2, 2023

Famed author and neurologist Oliver Sacks wrote essays in his book Musicophelia that delves into how patients can become unchained by melody.

Eileen Solomon, Navah Perlman, Debi Korzenik PHOTOS BY JARED SISKIN

Classical concert pianist Navah Perlman and her husband David Frost held une soirée intime in her beautiful UWS Manhattan home on the evening of Thursday, October 26th for Concerts in Motion (CIM). Concerts in Motion is a non-profit that brings the healing force of music to New York’s isolated, homebound residents through personalized live concerts.

Amy Linde, Franke Linde, Ken Gorfinkle, Rhett Brandon, Frances Brandon PHOTOS BY JARED SISKIN

The invitation only salon for cocktails and an intimate classical music performance gathered music enthusiasts and friends of Concerts in Motion. Founder and Executive Director Jennifer Carnahan introduced the gathering to the musicians and shared her journey to starting the non-profit, “I am an opera singer. To prepare, I like to rehearse in front of a live audience so I thought that nursing homes and veterans’ hospitals would be an ideal setting, especially as so many older adults cannot attend live concerts. They’re alone and isolated”

Jennifer Carnahan, Monica Rich Kasann PHOTOS BY JARED SISKIN

“14 years ago, I started Concerts in Motion because I experienced an incredible sense of joy while singing and engaging these individuals. They appreciated the quality of performance and the kind gesture. They really enjoyed talking about memories that the music evoked. We strive to alleviate social isolation for young and old. It’s an epidemic now and our way of addressing this public health crisis is by creating community and connection through music” she summed up her commitment.

Last year Concerts in Motion organized 800 concerts for 35,000 people. Music that moves requires a partnership with vast network of social worker outreach to serve the community in social isolation. Uplifting and lively CiM concerts are provided by professional and student musicians who play 16 genres of music and speak 19 languages to culturally and economically diverse New Yorkers and beyond.


Music runs in the family, Aviva Frost’s passionate involvement as a cellist at CiM sparked her mother Navah joining the Board of Directors. For the concert salon, Aviva performed Reena Esmail’s Varsha on her cello.

Alex Fecteau, guest, Henrietta Pertuz, Roni Jacobson PHOTOS BY JARED SISKIN

The pianist and composer Alex Shapiro performed two variations by Frédéric Chopin, Berceuse in D-flat major, OP. 57 and Ballade N0. 1 in g-minor, Op. 23.


Taking seats gathered in the living room included board members Rhett Brandon, Shari and Adam Brooks, Roni Jacobson, Debi Korzenik, Monica Rich Kosann, as well as guests Nora Coblence, Irene Rosner David, Mark Fichandler, Ronnie Fisher, Marilyn and Shelly Fireman, Margaret and Ben Grossman, Sylvia Hemmingway, Alice Lutz, Tara Milne, Caryn Resnick, Kathy Roeder, Jonathan Rondinelli, Lesley Schulhoff, Eileen Solomon, Sara Tayeb-Khalifa, Patricia Underwood and John Moynihan, Nassrin Iromloo Zahedi, and Maggie Zhang with son Tom Liu.

Jonathan Rondinelli, Zachary Weese PHOTOS BY JARED SISKIN

Save the Date for the Spring Concert Benefit at The Kaufman Music Center on the evening of April, 15 2024 for a non-profit that brings the healing force of music to New York’s isolated, homebound residents through personalized live concerts.



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